What is an anagram?

Definition: An anagram of a word is another word composed of the same letters. By permuting these letters, the word is transformed into a new word. For example: "Restful" is the anagram of "Fluster" and "Fluters".

Anagrams can be used in various contexts, such as word games, puzzles, riddles, or just for fun. Anagrams can also be used to encode or decode messages.

Anagrams are often used to play Scrabble or Boggle, board games where players have to form words from distributed letters. Knowing numerous anagrams can give an advantage to Scrabble players, allowing them to form longer and more complex words to score additional points.

This anagram generator allows you to obtain all possibilities by permuting the chosen letters in the search bar. So, if you have the following letters for Scrabble: "aelrst", you can choose from 15 words, including "alerts" or "rastle".